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At VIGG, jewelry is more than an accessory - it represents something much more profound. Through jewelry, we're endowed with the ability to not only personalize a look but also evoke emotion and create memories. This is the very mentality of VIGG; We create premium jewelry that embodies both who you are and what you stand for. 

VIGG jewelry designers advocate freedom and independence and seek to draw inspiration from life into products. Through abstract, multi-colored, and colorful designs, they show a kind of inadvertent maverick, emphasizing the relaxed tone of "FREEDOM AND UNRESTRAINED", revealing A high-class and friendly temperament.

“15 Steps Process Every Luxury Jewelry”

True artisanship comes from caring hands, not an assembly line, which is why our workshop always puts the quality, and more importantly, you, first.

Environmental Friendly and High-quality Material

Furthermore, we take extreme pride in our craftsmanship and as such, the use of environmentally-conscious materials is just as important as the final product. Whether it's an engagement ring or a cocktail ring, each VIGG piece is thoughtfully produced from start to finish so you can be assured of your purchases.

Our Mission

Our talented team of designers and craftsmen work conscientiously to bring each creation to life, from our hearts to yours. We promise to continue creating works of art that express your unique self, capture your unforgettable love story, and celebrate those memorable moments in your life journey.

At VIGG, jewelry is more than an accessory - it's the embodiment of our passion, our love, and ultimately, our gift to you.